943894_10103127254084849_4272319588948285401_nForest City Swing (FCS) started in the Spring of 2000.  We decided to start our swing dancing group because we enjoyed dancing and there wasn’t a place to swing dance in the Rockford area.

FCS has been in many locations over the years like the Rockford Brewery, Legion Hall in downtown Cherry Valley, St. Edward Church Community Center  and currently we are at our new location Mt. Olive Lutheran Church located on 2001 N. Alpine Road, Rockford, IL.

We started with 15-20 people while we were at Cherry Valley and now our average attendance is 60-90 people during the school year and 90-200+ in the summer.  In 2002 we finalized our group and made it official. We named ourselves “Forest City Swing”. We host our dances every Thursday night with exception of Thanksgiving and holidays that land on a Thursday.

Forest City Swing’s goal was to provide a fun place for people of all ages to go and dance, however, FCS became more than that.  In 2003 we started our Annual Swing Out Rockford Event.  This was a great opportunity to bring in a live swing band and have a big swing danicng party.  More importantly, we decided that since we are a community focused organization, we would donate the net proceeds of the Swing Out Rockford event and the net proceeds of the money collected at our thursday night swing dancing to local charities around the Rockford area.  To date we have donated $48,236.99 to charities from 2003-2014 to the Rockford Rescue Mission, Arthritis Foundation, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Sharefest, and the Community Foundation of Northern IL

All FCS instructors and board members are volunteers donating their time to make Forest City Swing a success.


Forest City Swing is a community focused organization.  All of our staff volunteers 100% of their time to run this organization.  We also make donations to local charities in the Rockford area to give back to the community.  Here are the list of donations made top local organizations.


$40,000 to Rockford Rescue mission, Arthritis Foundation, Crisis Pregnancy Center, & Sharefest


$7,236.99 to Community Foundation of Northern Ilinois towards the Bandwagon 2 Endowment fund for district 205 middle school music programs

$1,000.00 to the Rockford Rescue Mission


Community Foundation of Northern IL $4500