Forest City Swing has seven board members who are also instructors.  We occasionally have guest instructors as well.  The instructors teach on a rotational schedule.  All the instructors at Forest City Swing try to attend workshops every year to further ourselves in our swing dancing abilities and to learn new techniques in teaching.


10603360_749652585059_1040608773043716562_nKatherine Koehler has been dancing since 2004.  She is an elementary school teacher in the Rockford region.  She is passionate about lindy hop and solo dancing, and enjoys teaching at FCS.






10313507_10102105182389719_4014442451577279456_nTina Cuppini has been dancing Lindy Hop since 2004. She enjoys dj-ing and teaching at FCS!  Lindy hop is her dance of choice.  She teaches in the Rockford region and always enjoys a good laugh!






 1173750_574394295952522_1118784349_nPaul Andrews has been swing dancing since 2000. He works for Rock Valley College grant programs: Dislocated Worker Program which helps people to go back to school if they have lost their jobs. He is one of the original members of Forest City Swing. If you have any questions, email him through the website and he will get back to you.  You’ll often see him running around at swing dancing or at any of our other events making sure things run smoothly.






10505483_10204216206473476_3295120760707456031_nChris and Courtney Samuelson, AKA “Thing 1 and Thing 2″, have been dancing for over 15 years. They helped start Forest City Swing and are an integral part of the board and organization.







539689_10151039458999430_288156416_nJustin Backens has been swing dancing since 1996. Currently he works at Thermo Fisher Scientific as IT Help Desk. Some of his favorite songs are: Not Ashamed by the Newsboys and How Lucky can one guy be by Indigo Swing.






imageTara Sliwinski began swing dancing in 2009 in Michigan, and once had the great fortune to dance with Bill Nye the Science Guy. She is an engineer in the dairy state, and loves sunshine, fashionable scarves, traveling, and bringing the joy of lindy hop wherever she goes.






imageRobert is a freelance software consultant who has been dancing since 2010. When he’s not playing board games or gardening, he’s out on road trips dancing the night away at Lindy Hop events in other cities!